Privacy Statement

We ask for owners' names in order to help prevent duplication of records in the database and to facilitate our contacting them in the future should the need arise.  However, we do not publish owners' names on the website unless we are given permission.  If an owner asks that their name not be published, we list the ownership as "private collection" along with the country, state or province, and city (and in the case of the city, only if that city is large enough to ensure anonymity.)

We ask for contact information so that we can contact the owner if the need arises but we never publish or share contact information.  If a researcher contacts us asking for additional information on a piano or access to the piano for examination, we pass the researcher's request on to the owner and leave it to the owner to initiate contact.

When a new record is created, we always contact the owner and invite him or her to review the record to confirm that all the information is represented accurately and that any requests for anonymity have been honored.

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